Year 1L

Year 1 Curriculum overview


Miss Lazarus

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Year 1L were invited to the Year 4B assembly. The assembly was wonderful and as a special treat the children of Year 1L and Year 4B played outside together in the 'BIG' playground!



As a special treat, Year 1L roasted marshmallows over a bonfire in their Forest School session. They were wonderful!




Year 1L had a very special visitor!


Year 1L recieved a special letter from the North Pole.

Inside was a letter addressed to each of the children. Apparently Father Christmas had been watching them all and thought they were all fantastic!


Year 1L had a great time creating their Christmas decorations to take home as gifts.





Year 1L and 1P have been spending some time together each week to learn about British Values. The children have taken part in lots of different activities and have come up with lots of wonderful comments and ideas.

Even Mrs Greally came along to join in the fun! Well done year 1!





Year 1L and 1P have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot. We all came together to create a huge firework masterpiece!


These are some of the designs we created!




Year 1L have been learning how to play cricket with Graham. We have learnt many new skills!

        Cricket 1    Cricket 2


Year 1L have been enjoying their time in the Mud Kitchen Outdoor Area. They have been exploring different plants, bugs and of course the making of mud pie!

        Mud Kitchen 1   Mud Kitchen 2   Mud Kitchen 3

                     Mud Kitchen 4   Mud Kitchen 5


Year 1L enjoyed making their Gingerbread men to finish off their topic. They tasted good too!



Year 1L had a fabulous time at the seaside.



Check out our retelling of Farmer Duck on Youtube:


We have been reading My Cat likes to Hide in Boxes by Eve Sutton.

Here are a few pictures of us performance the poetry.


In History we are learning about The Great Fire of London.

We made Great Fire of London Collages, here are a few.