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Reading with your child at home

Information for Parents and Carers about reading.


  • ·     Reading books are normally changed three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Occasionally something happens in school which means the books aren't changed.


  • ·     It is important that your child's reading book is kept in their book bag so it is brought to school everyday, even on the days when it is not due to be changed.


  • ·     Remember to encourage your child to take care of their reading book. They need to turn the pages carefully and never draw in the book. Please make sure that younger brothers and sisters are not able play with the books or damage them in any way.


  • ·     Make a note of when you read at home using the reading record. Following the format that I have used you will need to record the date and a quick note about what happened when your child reads the book to you. If you feel that you do not have any thing that you want to comment on then please just sign or initial the reading record so school staff can see that you have heard your child read.


  • ·     Learning to read needs to be a fun experience for your child. Please set aside a few minutes every day to spend sharing their reading book as well as practicing their sound cards and 'red' words. Give lots of praise and help them if they are stuck or struggling. The more fun you make it the more likely they are to want to read to you and they will progress much quicker.

Foundation stage and key stage 1

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