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We are pleased to say that we have set up a school blog for pupils and staff.  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with blogs and 'blogging', think of it as an interactive website that allows our pupils and staff to add their own content and comments.  The aim of the school blog is to improve literacy by encouraging our pupils to write content for the blog and to respond to the writing of others in a constructive and positive way.  We will also be using the blog as a means of teaching our pupils how to use social media safely and responsibly.  Pupils will be encouraged to leave comments on the blog and these comments will always be checked by staff to ensure they are appropriate before they appear on the blog.  We will use the blog in school as a fun, interactive and collaborative way to share pupils’ work and ideas.  Pupils can access the blog outside of school if they wish to. It is an exciting resource which we encourage you to use alongside your child.

You can access the school blog via the link below:


There are some rules to follow when accessing and using the school blog:

  1. Don’t write your surname on any post
  2. Only write positive comments, don’t be mean or offensive
  3. No swearing or using rude words
  4. Don’t write your address or any other person’s address or other information
  5. No text talk – please make sure you write in full sentences and check your replies before sending them.
  6. Parents – please be careful not to use pupil surnames or make comments which identify pupil surnames

We need to make sure we stay safe and responsible when using our school blog!

For further information on how to keep your child safe online plase check out our esafety page under the parents & friends tab. Furthermore if you would like more information about the school blog please read our school blog letter or please contact the school.

School blog letter.

Also please take a look at the St Thomas A Becket School youtube channel to view some of the work we have been doing in school.


Foundation stage and key stage 1

Eynsham Drive, Abbey Wood,
London SE2 9BT

Queries from parents/public
will be dealt with by Miss F Murphy,
please email:

Key Stage 2

Mottisfont Road, Abbey Wood,
London SE2 9LY

Queries from parents/public
will be dealt with by Mrs M Harris,
please email: