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First aid and health

First Aid

If your child has an accident, the school will give basic first aid. If we think it may be serious we will contact you. If it is an emergency we will call an ambulance and contact you. The school has a number of staff with First Aid training and five authorised First Aiders.


Children usually have a health check with our School Nurse during their first year at school. It is important for parents to attend. If you are unable to attend you can give permission for your child to be examined. If the Nurse, School or Parents have concerns the School Doctor will be involved. Visual screening is done before a school medical. Hearing tests are usually carried out once a year. The school dental unit also visits the school. All these facilities are recommended but are not compulsory.


We are not able to administer medicines in school except in very exceptional circumstances. If permission is granted parents have to fill in a medical permission form before medicine can be given. Please do not send your child to school with medicines without contacting the school office. Inhalers are kept and given in school to children suffering with asthma. The school keeps a register of pupils with asthma, please keep us informed of changes to medication etc.

It is the parents responsibility to inform the school if your child has a known allergy. The child must have two epipens in school. A register is kept.

If your child has been sick or ill in the night please keep him/her at home the next day. Children should not return to school for 48 hours after being sick or having diarhoea.


We ask parents to be vigilant and to keep their child home for treatment if necessary. Children should not be sent to school with live lice. . The best way to prevent infection is to brush and comb your child's hair thoroughly before they go to bed at night and check their hair to make sure they have not become infected.

In the interests of Health and Safety for all school users Parents are asked to comply with certain requests.

A) Not to smoke on school premises including the playground

B) Not to bring dogs in the school playground

C) Not to park in the school car park

D) Not to use mobile phones on the premises

Foundation stage and key stage 1

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will be dealt with by Miss F Murphy,
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Key Stage 2

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